Complete visual identity of Sports Department of the City of Gdynia

Project prepared for SGM, covering the complete visual identity for the Sports Department of the City of Gdynia – Gdynia Sport. The project is an example of applying “total branding”, that is living identity. The existing logo and past ones appear only in the footers of documents, whereas the basic logotype “SPORT” builds the entirety of the identity and changes depending on the need to communicate various sports events taking place in the city. The colors of the text “SPORT” symbolize the most important sports disciplines in the city: orange – basketball, yellow – athletics, green – football, turquoise – numerous running events with traditions, navy blue – sailing. Thanks to this living identity, large events such as “Sailing Days” can be communicated, as well as small local sports events. The entirety is coherent and original, and very well adapted to various advertising materials. As had been agreed, the logo itself remained unchanged.


December 18, 2014


Graphic design, Poster Design, Print, Visual identity

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